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Wish I had put more in. My 20 just doubled

bought Ṁ20 BUY

Just made the luckiest investment ever

bought Ṁ500 BUY

@AndrewCrosse lmao you had a good timing i wont lie to you

sold Ṁ43 BUY

I don't get the concept of this stock but it's clearly overvalued because anyone (including me) could randomly decide to short it and make the value drop by several hundred by just investing 50-100 mana.

bought Ṁ450 BUY

@GastonKessler Buddy it's based on the performance in the manga rn. Luffy is dominating a 2v1 against 2 top tiers with hardly any effort

bought Ṁ30 SHORT

@Zander oh okay but anything above 1.5k is still waaaay to high and I think I'll keep shorting

@Zander The hype will end at some point

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@GastonKessler The hype will not end at one point 💀He is the main character

bought Ṁ20 SHORT

@Zander We'll see :-)

@GastonKessler quit being weird lol

bought Ṁ10 SHORT

@tsaitama Nope sorry I've made over 1k on "being weird" so I won't quit

@GastonKessler do you even watch or read One Piece

@tsaitama Not really but the fact that I can single handedly make the price drop whilst basically everyone else buys in shows that this stock is broken

@tsaitama and to be fair, 1k is already a huge amount

@GastonKessler i agree that the stock is broken so i cant really blame you, but its definitely a killjoy lol

@GastonKessler Nobody is trying to make profit on this except you. These stocks are just for fun my man. It’s fake money 😂

bought Ṁ100 BUY

W, my net worth has skyrocketed from just one chapter

Edit: As soon as I said that someone shorted lmao

@Zander i wish i was you lmao luffy stocks are so fire and you're ahead of everyone by like a mile lolol


But yes everyone he’s the main character

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The one true GOAT of One Piece. The one who's HIM aura exedes all.

Wuffy is HIM

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predicts BUY

Bro one tapped Lizaru

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the goat will end this arc with a boom fosho trust