Will I be a drooling Virtual Reality zombie consuming garbage dopamine optimized content and porn by 2030?

Context: https://streamable.com/mzdtwh

Resolves YES if there's a month long timespan prior to 2030 where I spend at least 70% of my waking hours in Virtual Reality, and of that time at least 80% is spent doing non-challenging easy fun activities like watching tiktok/yt like content, playing non-challenging video games, watching porn, etc. The more degenerate the more likely it is to resolve YES.

I will not bet.

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@MaybeNotDepends not with that attitude

You aren't already?

For context: I had a conversation with levi yesterday about experience machines. Levi told me that he wants to just drool and be retarded and be a coomer drooler braindead.. And I have no reason to suspect he is lying.

@hmys I think anyone who wouldn't enter an idealized experience machine with no externalities is committing a grave mistake in rationality!

predicts YES

enter experience machine
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