Is's GPT-5 article legit?
Oct 1

Resolves YES if OpenAI releases GPT-5 in one of the months April through September, 2024 and the model includes "the ability to call AI agents being developed by OpenAI to perform tasks autonomously".

It has to be called GPT-5.

Here's the article:

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"The company does not yet have a set release date for the new model, meaning current internal expectations for its release could change."

@notune Yeah IMO the article put the most optimistic estimate in the headline as clickbait but is not at all confident in a release date before October.

That said, I do think there's a lot of pressure to beat Claude and Gemini so I think they will try to get this out sooner than later if they can. I don't think it should take that long to redteam it.

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What is this lol

@Joshua so annoy, he makes his bet 0.0001 seconds before mine

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