Will it be possible to dispute and override market resolutions by end of 2023?
resolved Mar 2

Resolves YES if by the end of 2023, it is possible to override the author's resolution, without the author's agreement, for a "default" market (one created with default options that isn't part of a tournament or other special category). Otherwise NO.

Any method of deciding on whether to change the resolution will count here. For example, if the Manifold admins decide to change an obviously misresolved market to N/A, that counts as YES. (This is a simple approach that I think most people are in favor of.) If they have the technical capability to do that but never do it and have a policy not to, that does not count.

Other possibilities include allowing the community to adjudicate the correct resolution - e.g. the final authority could rest with a group of trusted community members, or a supermajority vote of the commmunity at large, etc.


Would this be a good idea:

Being able to change resolutions at all (including with author consent to fix mistakes):

About retroactive changes specifically:

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The technical capability was recently implemented (see https://manifold.markets/jack/will-it-be-possible-to-undochange-t). And this fraudulently misresolved market https://manifold.markets/AlexRockwell/will-this-markets-probability-be-at-bae92feca8be was just re-resolved to the correct value by the admins. I'm not sure if the general policy is fully decided yet, but they do have a drafted policy which overrides author resolutions in at least some cases.

This question therefore resolves YES.