Will this market resolve?

I may resolve this market to YES at any time. I may resolve it to N/A at any time. I may never resolve it at all. The only thing you can be sure of is that I will not resolve it to NO nor any percentage <100.

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Dylan has politely asked me to resolve this market. Their request was so polite that I feel compelled to reward it by provide some additional information: The correct resolution of this market is YES. That is, it will in fact resolve at some point.

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@f0cker perhaps we can come to some sort of peace agreement?

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@DylanSlagh Listening

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@f0cker well I can't control what anyone else does but perhaps we keep the price at 90%? believe both of our losses would be about equal then

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@DylanSlagh should be 90% now

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predicts YES

@IsaacKing you ruined our perfectly cordial peace agreement 😠

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@DylanSlagh It's true

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do you accept bribes

@8 I accept bribe offers, sure! I may or may not accept the actual bribe. :)

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@IsaacKing i present to you, the highly tempting offer of 5 mana to resolve this market to YES.

@8 Nah

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Just trying to make a quick buck (Muck?) here.