Will "23. Will Donald Trump get indicted on criminal charges in 2023?" resolve within a week?
resolved Apr 7

Resolves YES if /ACXBot/23-will-donald-trump-get-indicted-o has resolved before April 12, Eastern time, otherwise NO.

It's been discussed a few times in these "resolves according to judgement of X" questions, I strongly advocate for resolving as soon as the outcome is known, and if there's any unexpected surprises in what counts according to the judgement of X, the market can always be re-resolved. Resolving promptly is important to avoid locking up people's mana unnecessarily, especially on a market that has such high trading volume.

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Here's the twist: they aren't actually valid charges and will be thrown out.

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@SovietStali Michael Cohen has already pled Guilty and served 3 years for the crime Trump was trying to conceal. So all this nonsense about them not being valid because there's no overriding conspiracy charge is moot because that has already been established.