Will Elon Musk put a Neuralink chip in his brain before 2030?
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Surprised this isn't higher now it has gone in a human brain.

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Does this resolve YES if Neuralink rebrands or merges with another company or sells its IP and Musk implants a chip from that successor?

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No new info, just looks like a great price to buy.

I'm confident that Musk intends to install this himself, buy the timeline is tight and you could say his priorities have been known to shift.

Pure memery

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no such thing as capitalist risk. musk has never held a belief that didnt earn him money

@JamieCrom what are you talking about Jamie, he literally invented electric cars and reusable rockets, if he wanted money he could go into banking, this guy has a vision for the world and wants to do shit

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@Cameron "literally invented"

@Cameron He didn’t create Tesla, he just bought actions and managed to become the CEO, and Tesla didn’t invent electric cars.
What he was good at, in this, is lying about mostly everything to get a lot of investment.

@ElliotDavies He could be said to have invented a few electric cars.

what's up with the spike in YES?

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