Will Neuralink successfully enable telepathy using its technology by 2030?

Resolves Yes if there's credible news coverage of two Neuralink patients sending any kind of signal/information to each other by 2030.

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Their first product is called Telepathy but not in the way you mean 🙃

This has already happened and by a different company

There's something wrong here
what if Neuralinked person A is not talking directly to the other neuralink device and instead just, say, sends a text message that you can read, that wouldn't be "telepathy" in the sense that your brain talked to another brain if so to speak

Any kind of signal/information, as stated in the description, should be extremely easy to achieve

@StanRunge do you know neurology? neuralink is reading electric outputs and transferring them to an external thing, it doesn't work the other-way around with current technology, you can't JUST send electrical impulses the same way you read them

@DanielWallace i dont know the specifics of neurology, but my point was that just sending info wirelessly between 2 devices has already been solved (bluetooth) and any kind of signal can technically just mean any kind of impulse sent to the brain. This should be already achieved, let alone before 2030.

@StanRunge sending info between 2 devices is easy, but transforming that info into something your brain can process is done at the INDIVIDUAL level, and there are no papers published where one was able to send signals to w/e part of your brain processes language
there have been cases where they can send info to your eyes but this is done directly thru your eye nerves and not to your brain

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