Who will be the richest person at the end of 2030?
Elon Musk
Jensen Huang
Bernard Arnault
Mark Zuckerberg
Jeff Bezos
Sam Altman
Satoshi Nakamoto
Steve Ballmer
Michael Saylor
Bill Gates
Vitalik Buterin
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buterin and nakamoto are so underpriced in this market...their path to getting rich is more about ecosystem growth than anyone else on this list (a.k.a more people working for them), and 2030 is multiple bull markets and a shit ton of Ethereum scaling infrastructure away from now

Some research:

In 2023, it was Arnault & family. Arnault previously hadn't cracked the top 10 since 10th place in 2013.
In 2022, it was Elon Musk.
For 2018-2021, it was Jeff Bezos.
For 2014-2017, it was Bill Gates and Bezos didn't even crack the Top 10 until 2016.
In 2010, it was Carlos Slim & family (#8 last year) and Gates was 2nd (#1 in 1997-2007 and 2009) Slim topped the list until 2014.
In 2005, it was Bill Gates and Carlos Slim was in 4th place.
For 1991-1996, it was the Walton family. The Waltons would top the list today if combined.

How does me option works? Like if any one of the traders win?

@ftkurt I guess if Hanchi Sun wins!?

I will not resolve to such answer anyway.

Sam Altman

Who gets rich if OpenAI becomes a trillion-dollar company? Is it Sama? Or rather Satya Nadella?

@marktwse Bill Gates ;)

@itsTomekK interestingly, Gates would already be a trillionaire if he didn't diversify

What if the richest person is a trillionaire, will he/she still count?

bought Ṁ10 of Elon Musk YES

Forbes still has SBF near the top of their "crypto" list :/

bought Ṁ10 of Mark Zuckerberg YES

Elon owned 42% of spacex recently and it could easily be worth more than 2T by 2030

bought Ṁ10 of Other NO


it could easily be worth more than 2T by 2030

I don't believe that this will be the case, assign ~25% to this.

@ZacharyAustin ok lets see

@Aizej Created the same market but for spaceX: https://manifold.markets/NiplavYushtun/will-spacex-be-worth-more-than-2t-b, which was the company your top-level comment mentioned.

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