Will there be a Jesus AI startup worth $20+ million by 2026

Resolves YES if there's a startup that markets a jesus-like (includes priest or pastor) AI chatbot/API and raises money at a valuation >=$20 million. Otherwise NO

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Btw italian startup: prega.org

How does this market resolve if there is a company that also does this but it’s not its main activity? What companies count as “startups”?

Should be run as a tax-exempt religious org, not a company...

betting this down bc of the valuation requirement

Don’t let this get too high, @JamesGrugett @SG, me or @Austin might have to go make it

Does it have to be Jesus in particular, or can it be a religious chatbot, like a "PastorAI"?

@Khoja Pastor ai works, will mod the description