Will there be a language model by OpenAI called GPT-5, this decade?
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Given a lot of political pressures, i think it's somewhat plausible for there not to be any model called GPT-5, that openAI just releases upgraded ChatGPTs. Maybe they work only on multimodal models from now on and never release any pure large language model again, etc.

Will there be a large language model titled officially as GPT-5 released by OpenAI?

In case OpenAI splits up etc, i will make changes at the time to reflect the resolution criteria better.

i think it's less likely that they release it named as a GPT-5 if they're moving away from pure language models, but if they do release a multimodel GPT-5, then it counts

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What if they decide to use roman numerals? "GPT-V"

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Sam Altman stated that they are not training their next LLM what would've been GPT-5 and don't have any plans for training it for atleast 2 more quarters.

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Vincent Luczkowpredicts YES

@firstuserhere I strongly suspect they're just waiting on availability of H100s. Starting a run just as the hardware generation is changing would be weird.