Apple’s Apple Watch
Google’s Pixel
Lucasfilm’s Star Wars
OpenAI’s ChatGPT
Nothing’s Phone
Sony’s Playstation
Meta’s Quest
Apple’s Vision Pro

There are two critical portions to this Resolving YES:

  1. The company must still be releasing products under the same name as was used when this question was written. If Playstation has a rebrand, and is no longer the Playstation and abandons the number sequencing, this Resolves NO.

  2. The tenth version of the product must have something denoting the number 10 associated with it. We’ll be a bit liberal here so X would count (as the roman numeral), as would any names with “deca-“, the greek derivation of 10.

Answers will Resolve YES once a product is in the hands of consumers. Market will stay open until answers are clearly a NO; be it by company bankruptcy, product discontinuation, the tenth product being named something completely different…etc.

Also, the product name must remain the same, but the company name can change. So if Nothing is acquired, and the new company keeps releasing the Phone 5, and Phone 6, that will carry on until #10. If Meta rebrands to “Verse” and keeps releasing the Quest and incrementing the number, this will remain open. The products are the key here, not the company.

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Rey Skywalker will return to lead the New Jedi Order in the upcoming Lucasfilm release in the near future.

Daisy Ridley Is Finally Ready for Her Star Wars Return

Will they call it episode 10 though?

Star Wars 10 is extremely unlikely (they made the trilogy of trilogies, it's done), but it makes no sense to bet NO because it's never gonna resolve.

History's World War?

The Second Amendment's Presidential assassinations?

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars
opened a Ṁ100 Lucasfilm’s Star Wars YES at 80% order

I think this is too irresistible for Disney.

opened a Ṁ400 Google’s Pixel YES at 75% order

Maybe I'm beeing a little bit too optimistic.

limit order M$400 at 75% YES/Google's Pixel

@Lion I'm betting this down from 99%. I think it's likely, but not that likely. The Nexus line got up to 10, but on tablets where the number was the screen size, the phones only got up to 6 depending how you count before they dropped Nexus for Pixel. I could easily see another pivot and rebrand, so it will be close.

@robm hmm the Pixel is a wildly popular device and it's already at v8 - do you feel it's likely they'll drop the Pixel name altogether? it feels like a pretty established and trusted product by now (I say as a longtime Pixel user, tbf)

@shankypanky I would have said the same about the Nexus line in 2015.

If this goes no, I do think it's because they drop the pixel name. Pixels are Google designed, maybe they go back to partner devices or something?

I don't think it's likely they will drop it, I'm not touching that 75% limit order for example, but the base rate given the history feels like more than 5% to me.

@robm gotcha - I was an iOS person and then started working for Samsung and dealing with their cursed devices during the Nexus days lol Thanks for the insight, certainly anything is possible. I wonder if partner devices would/will worth it to them now that they have a pretty well established in-house hardware line.

@shankypanky I had a Galaxy Nexus assigned while I was working at G around that time (not on mobile). That was my first Android and I've also been in the Nexus/Pixel lineup since.

At this point I don't count on anything not ending up on the killedbygoogle list.

@robm Holy cow, I didn't realize it was at 99%. Google is discontinuing so many popular products and subscriptions, so I'm not even sure about my 75% limit order, but i love the Pixel series, so I believe.

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