๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Did Israel fire into the crowd during the February 29th aid convoy incident?
Aug 1

On February 29th, 115 Palestinians died as a result of an incident as aid trucks entered Gaza City. Hamas claims Israel fired into the crowd. Israel claims no responsibility, and says the vast majority of casualties were from "stampeding." Israel does claim that the IDF fired on a small number of civilians who were a significant threat to their safety.

Resolves YES if it is determined that Israel fired into the crowd indiscriminately. If the answer is unclear, I will resolve it to my best guess of the median informed observers' subjective probability based on all reliable sources. This market is similar to the "Did the IDF just blow up a hospital" market from a few months ago.

I am happy to move the resolution date if needed. I will not trade on this market.

Various reporting on the incident:


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CNN called out inconsistencies and secrecy from the IDF around the incident, using geolocation and metadata. The experts from HRW and MSU verified that the gunfire came from the IDF tanksโ€™ direction two minutes before the supposed warning shots. In the morning, there were fresh bullet wounds in some of the crowd, who did not stand out as obvious threats.