Will it be public knowledge by EOY 2025 that a major AI lab believed to have created AGI internally before October 2023?


Resolves yes if any time before 01/01/2026 it is revealed that a major AI lab (OpenAI, Deepmind, Anthropic, etc) believed they had AGI internally before October 2023.

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Problem: the term "AGI" was already ambiguous, and suffered of goalpost moving. I'm betting some YES due to the view, held by some, that GPT is already AGI.

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Given the original tweet got deleted, here's a screenshot of a screenshot from the account, for posterity:

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optimal policy achieved?

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YES traders, what company do you think believes they already have AGI? OpenAI? Google?

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I’m betting NO based on these two vague judgements:

  1. AGI feels like fantasy to me. That’s not a reasoned opinion; that’s how I feel. However, I also think that it makes a lot of sense to judge AGI as unlikely to have been developed at this early stage.

  2. Although I do agree with the markets that it’s more likely that an AI lab thinks they’ve achieved AGI than that they actually have, I have the vague idea that people at AI labs are “smart” and that they wouldn’t have such an erroneous belief. This is shakier than 1, and I understand people betting this market up on the grounds of human fallibility.

Any comments/ things I haven’t considered?

Resolves based on the views of lab leadership presumably?

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@MartinRandall That'd work, whatever would make it into an official stance of the organization.

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