By how much will dollar sales of plant-based meats increase over 2024?

Answer is in percentage of growth of total dollar sales in 2024 compared to 2023 in the U.S.

Plant-based meat is defined as a meat substitute that is produced directly from plants (or e.g. protein extracted from plants). Plant-based meat does not include tofu. Plant-based meats include imitations or analogs of animal-sourced meats such as Beyond, Impossible, Lightlife, Boca, Gardein, etc., but not cultured meat or plant-based animal products such as analogs of dairy and eggs.

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'Over 2023' in my market meant 'throughout 2023 relative to 2022'. In yours, it seems to mean 'relative to 2023'. Or is that a mistake?

@NicoDelon Yes this was a mistake, thank you !

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