Fake meat will have 10% or more of the meat market share in the US by 2035

(plant based + cultured)/(animal meat + plant based + cultured)

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A report by Boston Consulting Group titled "Food for Thought: The Protein Transformation" suggests that the alternative protein market could reach an estimated value of $290 billion by 2035. The report indicates that the market for alternative proteins is projected to grow from 13 million metric tons per year to 97 million metric tons by 2035, making up 11% of the overall protein market. However, with faster technological innovation and regulatory support, this figure could increase to 22% of the market by the same year.

Another report by AT Kearney, which is based on expert interviews, predicts that 35% of all meat consumed in 2040 will be cultured meat, while 25% will be comprised of vegan replacements. Furthermore, the report highlights that the United States currently leads in global investment in cultured meat, accounting for over 60% of total investments, surpassing the combined investment of all other countries.




do you mean plant based meat or cultured meat?

How will you measure this?

The first result I found was a report GFI commissioned from SPINS, finding that:
"In 2021, plant-based meat’s share of total meat [in the US] was 2.7% of retail packaged meat dollar sales, or 1.4% of the total meat category* (including random weight meat).
*SPINS does not report non-UPC animal-based meat counter sales. The plant-based meat share of the total meat category estimates a total meat market size by assuming that non-UPC animal-based meat sales are equivalent to animal-based packaged meat sales."

@MaxGhenis My credence. I guess it will be clearly under or clearly over. so likely this will resolve 0 or 100%