Will SpaceX attempt to deploy Starlink satellites in the first fully-orbital Starship–SuperHeavy flight?
Dec 31

Resolves on whether the first Starship–Superheavy flight that is intended to be fully orbital will attempt to deliver one or more Starlink satellites to orbit. Success is not required, only that at the time the launch takes place, deploying a payload of one or more Starlinks to orbit is part of the flight plan.

"Fully orbital" means that the vehicle at some point in the flight plan would be on a trajectory on which, without further engine burns, it would complete a full orbit around the Earth.

The Starlink satellites(s) can be any model, as long as SpaceX calls them Starlink satellites.

Launch counts as a vehicle lifting off the pad, however slightly, under the thrust of its engines. This market resolves upon (and stays open until) launch of the first flight intended to be fully orbital.

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Musk: “The payload for all flights this year is data”

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Limit order at 50% if anyone wants it

@NGK ?

@Mqrius I’m just gonna wait for the other shoe to drop 😂

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@Mqrius I think the best argument for this being the case is that Falcon Heavy did the heliocentric orbit with the roadster. I think the development style is different enough to warrant thinking they won’t try it for their first attempt.

I guess we will see!

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@NGK Yeah that's a point but the FH flight was more like a demonstration/certification flight, whereas for Starship we're definitely still doing test flights.