Will an Atlas Fellow launch an AGI startup worth >$1 million by 2030?

The Atlas Fellowship offers a scholarship and summer program for talented high school students, as well as access to the million-dollar Atlas Fund to launch impactful projects.

Among other material, the summer program includes optional content on catastrophic risks from advanced AI, pandemic risks, and mathematical reasoning.

Will at least one Atlas Fellow co-found a startup that identifies as working towards building artificial general intelligence (or human-level intelligence, or similar concepts) with a credible valuation at least $1 million by 2030?

Examples of organizations that describe themselves as attempting to build AGI (as far as I know): DeepMind, OpenAI, Anthropic, and Adept AI. I'd also include Meta AI given this research agenda by Yann LeCun. Examples of organizations that I probably wouldn't consider to be AGI startups/organizations: Google Brain, Redwood Research, Alignment Research Center, Conjecture.

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@causal_agency this should resolve yes

took angel checks for Standard Intelligence at a 15m cap

@causal_agency If an Atlas Fellow co-founds a marketplace for AI GPUs, without explicitly saying they're aiming to help others build AGI with it, does this resolve YES?

God I really hope not

how do i find a list of them

Why not google brain?

@Alana "Introducing Pathways" comes close to aiming for AGI but I think their intent to develop "general-purpose AI" doesn't imply intending to build AGI – although I think in practice, their research does substantively work towards AGI.