Will there be a major spike in protests in the US in 2024 (comparable to the 2020 George Floyd protests)?

This question will use data published by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), which runs the United States Crisis Monitor project.

For the purposes of this question, "a major spike in protests" means 1,000 or more demonstrations (protests or riots) in a single week in 2024, according to ACLED data.

The last time this threshold was passed was during the George Floyd protests, in May and June of 2020, visible as the only major spike in the ACLED's demonstration data from Jan 2020 to Mar 2024:

Will there be a major spike in protests (e.g. comparable to the 2020 George Floyd protests) in the United States in any week of 2024, according to ACLED data?

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ACLED protest data shows pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests spiked between April 21-27 with 171 protest events, higher than the previous high-mark for pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests in late October at 161 protest events.

Including all drivers (Israel-Palestine, abortion, Trump/Biden, etc.) there were 309 protest events across the US April 21-27, which is the highest number since October last year:

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