Will the UK ban smoking for future generations before the end of 2024?

In Dec 2022, New Zealand banned the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after 1 Jan 2009.

On Oct 4, Rishi Sunak's government proposed banning younger generations from buying cigarettes by raising the smoking age by one year every year.

This question resolves YES if legislation effecting a general restriction on smoking (e.g. ban on selling cigarettes) on the basis of a person's generation receives royal assent in the United Kingdom before the end of 2024.

Raising the smoking age one year every year would count as a YES. Banning the sale of tobacco products to people born after a specified date would count as a YES.

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UK PM announces summer election (BBC).

Excellent resolution criteria @cash. You correctly anticipated the possibility of the ban being either on the sale of tobacco or on smoking itself and made sure to include both, and gave a clear condition for YES as royal assent. Really fantastic. Market will resolve with no fuss, and could have been much worse.

@chrisjbillington Hey thanks!

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