Who will be hired by Manifold before 2025?
Dec 31
Saul Munn
Remy (backend engineer candidate)
Isaac King
N.C. Young
Benjamin Cosman

Manifold seems to have started making interviews for people!

The first person so far to have one is Benjamin Cosman, a current teaching faculty at the University of Illinois.

Feel free to add anyone here. If you got an interview with Manifold, I'll add you here.

This is on a longer timeline.

It has to be a full-time position.

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Remy (backend engineer candidate)

As mentioned in Standup:

related (but it is end of 2025 and contract too)


He has stated in Discord that he wishes to be hired by Manifold. I don't think he had an interview but it's worth adding to this market.

I don't know if he is seeking full-time or part-time employment though.

bought Ṁ500 @Joshua YES

sold Ṁ105 @Joshua YES

@Eliza Apparently deep within the comments it says they have to be full-time.

@bohaska you should really add that to the description...it's very important.

bought Ṁ70 N.C. Young NO

@Eliza oh damn I didn't see that either



Resolves YES.

@bohaska Barak technically resolves yes

@nikki Wasn't it a work trial period?

And 8h/week is not full-time, right?

If you want to bet on part-time employees becoming full-time employees, see https://manifold.markets/bohaska/will-these-parttime-employees-of-ma


@case :
- Already has 7 commits in that have been appreciated by the community:
- Ṁ1,000 from jskf for /bets pagination
- Ṁ200 from Épi for new line fixes
- Ṁ10,000 from Manifold for safari hardware acceleration bug
- Has a manifund project that has a $109 offer from James
- Is active on the discord

He is a talented engineer who is already productive in the codebase and is excited about the site. Seems like a safe bet from me.

@Nikos Is he willing to become a full-time Manifold staff, though?

what counts as hired? if i’m contracted to run manifest 2 (not as an employee), does my market resolve YES?

@saulmunn Full-time employee

@bohaska So mqp, and alice are not hired? That feels weird to me. david is a FTE and contractor

@nikki Hmm... I would say "constantly working for Manifold for a long-term timespan" then. Sounds right to you?

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