Will I still be bitter and cynical about my own aging by the end of 2035?

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The operative word in your market title appears to be “still”— imho unless your health starts to go, or circumstances around you crumble, age /life experience can be fabulously empowering. Lifestyle choices today can improve the former. Luck, hard work and a positive mindset can help with the latter.

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once you get a girlfriend/wife you'll chill out

No, because when I was young I gave a shit about things like aging, feeling bad about it. Now I'm in my 40s... well you just stop giving a shit and you get on with it.

Cynicism is a belief that others are acting out of malice.

How does one be bitter and cynical about aging? I don't think there's any malice involved in aging, I think it just happens.

@makoyass it's just a feeling, man.

@makoyass Well, you can get annoyed at and anthropomorphize abstract concepts like evolution, or believe in a god and consider them malicious.