Will there be an LLM which can do fluent conlang translations by EOY 2024?

In particular, something where you can paste in a conlang specification (ideally one created since the model was trained), a sample text, and it will just spit out a basically correct translation into the conlang. I'm not counting something that requires lots of effort (with prompt and follow-up responses) to get working.

It must work on multiple conlangs with "interesting" grammars (i.e. it wouldn't count if it only worked on relexes of existing languages). The model must be one I am able to get access to or otherwise test.

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Gemini 1.5 is supposedly able to learn to translate from English to Kalamang (an obscure natural language deliberately excluded from training) given just a grammar manual for it. I think the main question now is whether I'll be able to access (I'm planning to pay for access to the best version I can afford).

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