Will humanoid robots be commonplace in the US, by 2030? ($1k mana subsidy)

Commonplace is going to be a subjective measurement. It is more common than something rare. Upon seeing something commonplace, one does not seem very surprised to see that something's presence, usually. One tends to get used to a commonplace something as another aspect of life.

P.S. Help me refine the resolution criteria to be more concrete.

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I'd be much more excited about this and the 2040 market if the resolution criteria was defined on their capability (human-level) instead of their shape/appearance (humanoid). I think humanoid robots are likely to exist for a short time period until we transition to really weird robots that don't look like humans but still have superhuman capabilities. But I'm not sure

@Nikola To be clear, I think we'll likely keep humanoid robots in some service roles, but most behind-the-scenes work would probably be done by weirder robots

As a comparison would you say that caucasian people in rural China are “commonplace”?

@mariopasquato I've never been to China nor do I know the demographic statistics of it, but as a prior, I'd say no, its not common to see a caucasian person in rural china

@firstuserhere By comparison, I think now it is common or becoming common to see Electric cars in the US

predicts NO

@firstuserhere That’s a great reference point, thanks

predicts YES

@firstuserhere what about forklifts? Would you consider forklifts common in the United States?

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