How much will "Dune: Part Two" (2024) gross domestically during its first two months of release?
May 9
Over $275 million
Over $280 million
Over $290 million
Over $320 million
Over $120 million
Over $160 million
Over $200 million
Over $240 million
Over $270 million

"Dune: Part Two" (2024) opens on March 1st. These markets will resolve based on the cumulative domestic (not worldwide) total listed by BoxOfficeMojo up through May 1st

  • For comparison, the original "Dune" (2021) released on October 21st, and BoxOfficeMojo lists $106,985,276 as its cumulative domestic gross through December 21st (2021). That is, the "Domestic Daily" tab, the "To Date" column, and the "December 21st" row. This is the comparable number that I will use for "Dune: Part Two". [1]

  • These markets are independent—any number of them can resolve YES.

  • Once the listed domestic box office passes a relevant threshold, I can resolve that market early (feel free to tag me).

  • I may add additional markets (above, below, or in between)—the questions are independent, so this has no impact on the current markets.

  • If somehow "Dune: Part Two" is delayed again (which I can't imagine it will), I'll update the question to again reflect "two months after the release date".

  • If any aspects of resolution are unclear, just ask.

[1]. While the rules for resolution should be very clear from this lengthy description, note that they are slightly different than in my WW market. For WW, I don't see a clear "WW cumulative gross as of X date" number that I can check, so I will just use what's listed by BoxOfficeMojo on May 1st. For domestic, they post the daily grosses, so I will use the cumulative total up through May 1st, which will only be finalized a few days later. (E.g. domestic will include May 1st gross, WW ~probably won't, & etc). This is all explained by the question descriptions, but I want to avoid any possible confusion. Please ask if anything is unclear.

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