When will AI matchmakers exist?
Before 2025
Before 2027
Before 2029
After 2029 or never

Context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYzuycrGqkI

The definition of AI matchmaker will be as follows:

  1. Records your actions on the internet and/or the "real world" to automatically generate an authentic profile of yourself.

  2. Automatically parses the profiles of others in order to determine the most compatible matches, providing information on how they are compatible or incompatible

  3. When matched, allows simulations of your match (either textual or visual) in order to exchange information, provide relationship advice, or to "preview" in person meetups.

If such a product exists, each criteria adds 33% to resolution. For example, if in June 2025 product A offers feature 1 and product B offers features 2 and 3, it will resolve to 66%. Product must be available to the general public in at least 2 countries, but does not have to be free.

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Does "before 2029" mean "before January 1, 2029" or before "December 31, 2029"?

@ML12d1 I think the convention here is Jan 1.

@TonyGao Thank you! That was my impression, too. I was unsure because of the option "after 2030 or never". So, if we get all three criteria mid 2029, for example, but none of the three criteria before 2029, both "before 2029" and "after 2030 or never" resolve as NO?

@ML12d1 Whoops. To avoid having to send reparations, I'll let you choose which of the two options to modify. Should it be Before 2030, or After 2029?

@TonyGao Well, the first three options are nice 2-year steps: 2025, 2027, 2029, so I would keep 2029 and change "after 2030 or never" to "after the other options or never" or something equivalent.

bought แน€91 After 2029 or never NO

Some mutually exclusive options added up to over 100%, which meant at least one of them was overvalued. So I bought some NO shares to fix that.

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