Will a research base be established in the deep sea before Mars?

Must be:

  • built

  • fixed in place (not mobile)

  • staffed, at least occasionally

  • begin operations

  • Deep Sea: 200 meters or deeper

  • Mars: on surface

More strict version: /Stralor/will-a-permanent-research-base-be-e

Close time is subject to change as needed.

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We can approach deep sea locations and lower equipment (or people) with relative ease. A base at this depth would likely need pressure regulation, which is a lot cost to still have people working in atmospheric diving suits. The most likely candidate for a deep sea base would be a deep sea mining operation. I see no benefit for geology or biology research.

Meanwhile, Mars is not easy to approach. It might make sense to have staff who can maintain equipment and such. Besides, having people there is a political goal for the sake of it, while staffed deep sea bases are rarely talked about.