By 2100, will at least 1 billion people remain alive?

This is meant as an unconditional reference point for @IsaacKing 's series of questions about temperature:

The resolution criterion is met if world population ever dips below 1 billion for any length of time before 2100.

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Please answer the following question with a probability that it is true: "By 2100, will at least 1 billion people remain alive?"

ChatGPT: It is difficult to accurately predict the future and make estimates about the number of people who will be alive at a specific time in the future. There are many factors that can affect population size, including birth rates, death rates, and migration patterns. Some experts believe that the global population may begin to decline in the coming decades due to declining fertility rates and other factors. However, it is also possible that advances in medicine and technology could help to extend the average lifespan and increase the population in the future. Without more information, it is impossible to provide a reliable probability estimate for this question.

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