Will the Ukraine war end by 2025?

The war will be considered to have ended if a ceasefire beginning before 2025 is not interrupted by further hostilities, even if a formal peace agreement or armistice is not signed by 2025. The war will not be considered to have ended in the case of a temporary ceasefire.

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Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine invites Xi Jinping to participate in peace talks, says Zelenskiy’s adviser – as it happened

Chinese president is one of Putin’s closest allies and so ‘participation will be very important’, says adviser Igor Zhovkva

  • Ukraine has invited Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, to participate in peace talks, Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s top adviser has said. Switzerland has agreed to hold the summit, which a number of world leaders will attend, but no venue or date has been set just yet.


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Trump will win and Ukraine will be forced to settle at terms favorable to Russia.

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@JimAusman This is absurd. Trump will only be inaugurated after the poll ends.

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@expressipulsar The balance of perceived power will shift massively after Nov, though it might take a few months for the dust to settle.

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