Will I have a career as an alignment researcher by the end of 2024?
Dec 31
  • I'm currently living at CEEALAR (an org which provides group housing to people working/looking to work in Effective Altruism fields.)

  • I've been interested in the field for about 2 years, and upskilling is the main activity in my life right now.

  • I do some volunteer ops projects, but no volunteering in actual research.

  • I have no higher education.

  • I'm very determined to try and make this come true.

I won't count continuing to receive housing for doing research on my own - only an actual income will resolve in YES.

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What role? If eng, do you have any public projects?

@zjmiller I'm ideally going into agent foundations - but intentionally left the resolve-condition not restricted by field, since a few people from different fields seem to be interested in me.

As for public projects: I do a little assistance with Alignment Ecosystem Development (aisafety.world, aisafety.com, etc.) but would hardly say that the overall websites could be taken as a sign of my own competence, they're made by a lot of people.

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