Assuming a potential future war scenario, how will the three main powers align?
🇺🇸 USA versus ( 🇷🇺 Russia + 🇨🇳 China )
🇨🇳 China versus ( 🇺🇸 USA + 🇷🇺 Russia )
🇷🇺 Russia versus ( 🇺🇸 USA + 🇨🇳 China )

*Three main powers are considered as such mainly because of their energy resources and military power.

Alternative sister market considering NATO alliance instead of USA:

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If there is a shooting war with large casualties between A and B, how involved does C have to be on one of the sides to trigger a resolution? From least to most

  • Complete neutrality

  • Verbal support only

  • Economic support

  • Military research, advisers

  • Sending weapons, trade blockades

  • Small independent battles

  • Full on independent battles

  • Shared military control

bought Ṁ10 of 🇺🇸 USA versus ( 🇷... YES

@Ernie I would say military actions that can be seen as having the same strategic direction

What is the threshold for deciding that war has occurred?

@Ernie good question, perhaps it is already happening

How does "Other" work here? Would it resolve that way if another country is seen to supplant one of these 3 as a great power before war begins, or are these 3 set for the purposes of this question so Other just contains "all against all" or one or more sitting out?

@JakeDennie Yes, it's some unpredictable scenario, such as another country become a superpower that pass any of these 3 for military and resources

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