What will be the 2024 Manifold Market of the Year?
Who will win the 2024 US Presidential Election? https://manifold.markets/jack/who-will-win-2024-us-presidential-e
Good Tweet or Bad Tweet? Which controversial posts will Manifold think are a "Good Take" this week? https://manifold.markets/Joshua/good-tweet-or-bad-tweet-which-contr
🔥CoolFold Self Immolation: How many users will burn all their mana balance to protest the pivot? [SACRIFICE YOURSELF] https://manifold.markets/strutheo/coolfold-self-immolation-how-many-u
🐲How many Top Creators will I Slay by the end of 2024? https://manifold.markets/strutheo/how-many-top-creators-will-i-slay-b
🍾What will happen in January 2024? [ADD RESPONSES]
🚧What will Manifold's Big Pivot entail? [ADD RESPONSES]

Submit markets to be considered for the 2024 Manifold Market of the Year. The goal is to find out what market was the most important, influential, interesting, or fun in 2024. At the end of the year, I will determine the winner based on a poll that uses STAR voting. If there's a tie in the automatic runoff, the winner will be determined by the highest score. If there's still a tie, I'll resolve it based on the average probabilities in this market, if possible.

Rules for submissions:

  • The market must have been open for at least some part of 2024.

  • Any market type is allowed, including bounties and polls.

  • Be clear in what market you're referring to. If I have no idea what market an option is supposed to be, it won't be included in the poll. If there are multiple possibilities (e.g., two markets with the same name), I'll assume it refers to the one with the most traders.

  • Repeat submissions from last time are allowed if they follow the other rules, but I will specifically be asking voters to answer based on events that occurred in 2024.

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