How many Hamas combatants will be killed in the 2023 Israel-Hamas war
1000 - 2000
2000 - 5000
5000 - 10000
10000 - 15000

Little is currently known about casualties incurred by Hamas in the ongoing war. This market will complement the total Palestinian question which doesn't break out civilian vs combatant. The roughly 1000 militants already killed on October 7 should be included in the count.

I will resolve on the basis of averaging the reliable independent sources cited on Wikipedia. If independent sources are not available, I will instead use the average of the IDF and Hamas estimates.

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It's the first time we are getting claims from both sides. Hamas claims 6000. Israel claims twice that, 12000. Reminder that I will resolve (at the end of war) based on the average if it will be available

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From the latest WSJ report: "Israel’s military estimated Friday it had killed around 1,000 Hamas fighters, a small portion of the force of more than 30,000 that it said were in the group’s ranks before the war."

this means >2000 is the correct answer as of now

"But General McKenzie [retired] said it was still unclear how many top Hamas leaders the Israeli military had killed. And so far, Israel’s decision to reduce parts of Gaza to rubble and kill more than 1,000 Hamas fighters has not secured a major deal to release the roughly 240 hostages, many in the vast tunnel network." (NYT)

Interesting, this is the first time I see an informed guess of how many Hamas have been killed

What is 'Other'? Less than 1000?

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@Simon74fe Sure, but I would rather ignore the "Other" option. Confirmed number from October 7 already exceeds 1000

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