Conditional on Effective Altruism lasting for a thousand years, will EAs still say that this was their finest hour?

Obviously inspired by a Winston Churchill quote. Market resolves to PROB at the discretion of whoever is in charge of this market in a thousand years, likely involving a poll of relevant Effective Altruists. "This" can be interpreted at the discretion of those EAs to mean e.g. our handling of the FTX scandal, our handling of AI alignment as a field, our work in protecting against pandemics, the "most important century" broadly, etc.

Also partially an experiment on whether very long durations work for Manifold, now that loans have been implemented.

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so, if I'm understanding the market right, EA will get much worse over time, such that our finest hour will be far in the past? orrrrr

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Tom Shlomi
is predicting YES at 64%

@L I think the idea is more that we'll solve the biggest problems this century (or all die), so they'll be less for future EAs to do

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Tom Shlomi
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If we're still around in 1000 years, this was definitely our finest hour

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@TomShlomi That's exactly why I was thinking this was an interesting question!

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Angola Maldives
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If "this" can be as broad as the current century, then I think this rates >50%. So many pivotal things are happening this century, that mankind may well be permanenetly set on a course to either long-term flourishing, or extinction by 2100.

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@AngolaMaldives Judgement on how broad/narrow this is will be up to the resolvers in a thousand years' time.