Will California AI bill (SB-1047) be signed into law with the "kill switch" requirement?
Oct 2

The "SB-1047 Safe and Secure Innovation for Frontier Artificial Intelligence Models Act" is scheduled to be voted on by the California General Assembly in August 2024, and if passed should be signed or vetoed by the governor before the end of September.

The bill contains a requirement for the publishers of large AI models to include a "kill switch": a capability to stop the model completely if it is deemed dangerous. This requirement can be interpreted as basically banning open source distribution of the models.

Will the bill be turned into law before October 1st 2024, including this specific requirement?

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Your title asks if the bill will “pass”. This language refers to a bill being approved by a legislative body (House, Senate, or Congress). Not necessarily being signed by the executive and enacted. Later in the description, you ask if it will become law. You may want to bring the title and description language into alignment.

Thank you for the correction. I updated the title.

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