What will happen with Elon Musk's lawsuit against Open AI for allegedly violating their non-profit mission?
Elon Musk wins
Open AI wins
Settled out of court

Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against Open AI for allegedly violating their non-profit mission. What will happen next? Trading will be extended if nothing happens by the resolution date.

If the court rules in favor of Elon Musk on any of the counts, this will resolve to "Elon Musk wins."

If the count rules against Elon Musk on all counts, dismisses the whole lawsuit, or Elon Musk drops the lawsuit, this will resolve to "Open AI wins."

If the case is settled out of court, this will resolve to "Settled out of court."

If something else happens that is not a clear win for either party, this will resolve to "Other."

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What matters is "discovery" not who wins. Revealing to the public or at least privately in court approximately how good Q* is seems to be the goal of the lawsuit. Aka

Wins: OpenAI reveals

A. "Q* isn't really much better than stacking more layers on an LLM

B. "Q*" seems to be able to learn to do almost anything efficiently but it keeps hacking it's way out of containment... (Aka AGI confirmed)

Need a market on if discovery reveals crucial new information, as that's a "win" for Elon.

Judicial outcomes don't matter, worlds richest man doesn't need money and if openAI doesn't have strategic secrets everything they haven't released will be cloned eventually.

Updated resolution criteria for better clarity, please ask if you have any clarification questions.

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