Will Donald Trump be found guilty of sexual assault by 2030?

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Does the latest ruling qualify?

predicts NO

@DanMan314 This is a civil case where the standard of proof is just 'does the jury think he's more likely than not to have done it'. I don't believe the term 'found guilty' is used. Based on this I think the answer is probably no but clarification is certainly warranted.

@AngolaMaldives idk seems clear cut to me

I love how this is just another scandal market, but because it's about a Baddie it probably won't receive any pushback

@CarsonGale Free to make others about “goodies “

I would love to think this is possible but in the US you can buy your way out of these types of charges. Just give the alleged victim a huge settlement to drop the charges. See Koby Bryant for prime example.

If they haven't got him in decades previous I doubt they'll manage now.