A Chinese AI model will score over 85% on the MMLU before 2024
closes 2024

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Will a large language model beat a super grandmaster playing chess by 2028?
MP avatarMP
47% chance
By the end of 2026, will we have transparency into any useful internal pattern within a Large Language Model whose semantics would have been unfamiliar to AI and cognitive science in 2006?
Will a 10B parameter multimodal RL model be trained by Deepmind in the next 12 months?
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HumanEval 90% #1: Will pass@1 performance on the HumanEval benchmark be >= 90% by 2024?
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Will there be a Forward-Forward Algorithm based neural network with >65% Top 1 Accuracy on Papers With Code's ImageNet leaderboard by 2024?
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Will reinforcement learning overtake LMs on math before 2028?
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Will a model costing >$30M be intentionally trained to be more mechanistically interpretable by end of 2027? (see desc)
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When will tinygrad train its first MLPerf qualifying model?
🐕 Will AI Achieve Significantly More, "Embodiment" by end of 2023?
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Will we learn by EOY 2024 that large AI labs use something like activation addition on their best models?
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By 2025 end, a model exhibits action recognition (video) equivalent to human level accuracy on Something Something V2?
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Will language models be able to solve simple graphical mazes by the end of 2025?
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Will a news article containing the string "love in the time of large language models" be published in 2023
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Short Term AI 2.3: By January 2024, will SOTA on MATH minival be >= 85%?
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Will Transformer based architectures still be SOTA for language modelling by 2026?
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Will more than 20 organizations publicly train large language models by 2024?
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By 2030, will large language models still be at the peak of AI? [DRAFT]
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Will a new best accuracy for ImageNet classification be achieved before the end of 2023?
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Will Metaculus have built-in support for reflective latent variables by 2025?
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Will anyone train a 50B parameter+ RetNet by the end of 2023?
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32% chance
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Tao Lin

How worried should we be about a chinese lab training on the answers, declaring they've solved MMLU, and not releasing the model so people can't tell they cheated?