Will a Republican come out as trans in office before 2030?

This market resolves YES if a Republican in office comes out as trans before 2030. This includes both stealth trans Republicans and closeted trans Republicans. This market resolves NO if no Republican who is in office comes out as trans, either on the campaign trail or after their term has completed.

Edit: Removed the word currently to remove ambiguity and bring into better alignment with the question.

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What offices count? Even county/city or other local level?

@Joltin_Joe Any level of government. They just need to come out while in office.

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Willing this into existence

Your wording implies it would immediately resolve to NO if any not-in-office Republican were to come out as trans, but I don’t think that’s your intent, is it?

@Ansel Thank you so much. Yes, this is completely error-ridden.

Hey, I need to apologize. I screwed up my description and conflated two questions. The question I want to ask is will a Republican come out as trans in office. I will refund any Mana that you have lost as a result of this. Just comment here and I will try to make things right.