Will Georgia decide to go to war with Russia via referendum?

Resolves to YES if, before close, Georgia goes to war with Russia due at least in part to a referendum. Resolves NO if credible sources say they will not present it. Resolves NO at close otherwise.

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predicts NO

What if Russia invades due to referendum being hold?

Is it qualifying as "Georgia goes to war with Russia"?

Some online commentators have indicated that talk of a referendum is a political stunt, intended to defuse pro-war sentiment. That sort of referendum can backfire (ala Brexit), but this time one can expect the Kremlin's propaganda to be tipping the scales against anything interesting happening.

How will this resolve if the US state does so?

predicts NO

@aps Not possible, per the US constitution, so I'm going to go with irrelevant

@LivInTheLookingGlass They could pass an amendment technically

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