If Russia starts a war against a Baltic state, will the US army engage in combat against the Russian army?

Criteria for Resolution:

1. Official Engagement: The US army must officially engage military forces against Russia. This means that the United States must publicly acknowledge and confirm the engagement.

2. Direct Combat: The engagement must involve direct combat operations between US and Russian military forces. This includes activities such as ground battles, air strikes, naval engagements, or other forms of direct military confrontation.


- Baltic States: Refers specifically to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

- War: An armed conflict initiated by Russia against one or more of the Baltic states. This includes declared wars, proxy wars, non-declared wars, or actions described by Russia as “sending volunteers with tanks to help to Russian-speaking resistance in the Baltics.” However, there must be a de-facto invasion involving Russian troops.

Non-Qualifying Examples (No Direct Military Engagement from the USA):

- Aid and Support: Sending weapons, financial aid, intelligence, or logistical support does not qualify.

- Training and Deployment: Deployment of forces for military training, analytics, logistics, or similar purposes does not qualify.

- Black Ops or Proxies: Covert operations or the use of proxy forces do not qualify.

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