When will Quantum computing become viable?

Viability is defined as quantum computers being turned into a mass produced product line (like, not just a few one-offs here and there), and being integrated for some obviously profitable industrial use in actual businesses. Basically, being put to work in some clear and obvious way and not just a research project anymore.

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Would the presence of QPUs in general purpose computing devices satisfy your criteria for a YES resolution here?

Does an encryption-breaking supercomputer for mass surveillance qualify as an obviously profitable industrial use in actual business?

@a2bb Sure, if it’s actually deployed at any kind of scale. And Government can count as “business” too under the right circumstances. Got any idea examples?

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@LarsDoucet I think there is an implicit requirement for publicly available knowledge for resolution of the market. What if, although deployed at an industrial scale, the application(s) is/are shrouded behind a veil of proprietary industry secrecy?

@ShitakiIntaki At minimum, *I* have to know they exist and that they meet my definitions. I can’t resolve based on stuff that can only be speculated about.

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@LarsDoucet interesting, could your resolution of this market possibly violate a nondisclosure agreement?

@ShitakiIntaki For the record I am not under any NDAs with any quantum computing facilities. But if like, someone credibly blows the whistle or leaks something juicy to me, and it’s really credible and I believe it, sure.


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