If Trump is elected, will he implement one of the policies listed in the description?
Trump is elected and implements "Project 2025"
Trump is elected and don't implements "Project 2025"
Biden / Other is elected and no big change in power structure
Biden / Other is elected and big change in power structure

In the wake of Trump's defeat and failed coup attempt, the MAGA wing of the Republicans is preparing a plan to change the shape of the executive, train tens of thousands of conservatives to be part of the next administration and concentrate power exclusively around the president. The plan is called "Project 2025".

If only one element is implemented (if you want me to add more, add it on comment), the option "Trump is elected and implements "Project 2025"" resolves.

  • Slashing U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) funding.

  • Dismantling the FBI and/or the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deploy the military.

  • Directing the DOJ to pursue Trump adversaries.

  • Eliminate the independence of DOJ and/or FCC and/or FTC.

  • Another major restructuring of the executive branch.

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bought Ṁ25 Trump is elected and... NO

I can see no reason why Trump wouldn’t go through with P2025 if he has the popular mandate to do so. He’s not going to be easily discouraged or prevented from manipulating the executive branch.

title is horrendously misleading. slashing DOJ funding doesn't make a 'presidential dictatorship'

@jacksonpolack Slashing DOJ funding will very very obviously be done to prevent the justice system from investigating any legal case involving him.

Title is kind of a clickbait ig, but in those case the US will very clearly be on path to dictatorship.

so change the title? there's an edit button.

@jacksonpolack Yeah, I'm fine with clickbait, happy Christmas.

@Laroussi why do you put effort into the description when you choose such a stupid misleading title? You have to decide between serious or shitposting.

@Jan53274 I'll just fix the title

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