In the next six months, will there be a scandal appended with "-gate" reported in the national media?
Apr 2

This market will resolve YES if there is a political/sports/etc scandal that receives national attention that is appended with "-gate", alla Watergate / Bridgegate / Deflategate, etc... It has to receive attention of the Legacy media.

A sarcastic reference (such as on The Daily Show) or attention from only a non-mainstream media source (looking at you, Breitbart and Twitter) will not be sufficient to resolve YES.

#Speakergate has been spreading on Twitter ('cause that's what it's fucking called, Elon!), for example, but unless this becomes widely adopted in the mainstream, it will not be sufficient to resolve as YES.

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Just to be clear: six months from when?

predicts YES

@Marnix Market closes April 1, 2024

predicts YES

Instead of Speakergate, I'm partial to calling this debacle "GaetzGate" but will lamestream media pick up on it?

bought Ṁ10 of YES

I'm staking out a position on a mild YES in the hopes that "Speakergate" catches fire.

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