Will international rugby have a globally integrated season that kicks off by 2030?

Resolves YES if an integrated global season exists and commences before then end of 2030.

Otherwise resolves NO


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predicts YES

World Rugby announcement today:


  • Launch of a bi-annual new international competition from 2026, comprising a top division of 12 teams (Six Nations unions, SANZAAR unions and two further unions to be selected via a process run by SANZAAR), and a second division run by World Rugby of 12 teams with promotion and relegation commencing from 2030. Played in the July and November international release windows, it will provide crucial opportunities (and certainty of fixtures) for unions currently outside of the existing annual competitions, and in turn provide opportunities for unions and regional associations through to the second division.

  • The competition provides players and fans with compelling matches, to build audiences and value for all.

  • A significant uplift in the number of cross-over matches between unions in the respective divisions are included in the global calendar in the two other years, providing performance nations with annual competition certainty against high performance unions.


My current assessment is that, were this to kickoff prior to 2030 this would resolve YES

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