Will the 2031 Rugby World Cup expand to more than 20 teams?

Resolves YES if more than 20 teams are slated to compete at the 2031 RWC.

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World Rugby Announcment today includes:


Expansion of Rugby World Cup to 24 teams in 2027, providing more qualification opportunities for more teams and regional competitions.


Will be interesting to see if this pans out as announced but strong indications from the top level administrators of movement on this already.

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@JulianLees Don’t know why I thought it was the 2031 competition they were thinking of expanding, but I guess it’s valuable to see whether the format stays.

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@NcyRocks yea for sure, being 2031 adds a nice bit of uncertainty to the present equation.

Most administrative plans are great as announcements but given execution often leaves a bit to be desired there's not much difference between 2027 and 2031 I guess... 🤷