Will Crossrail 2 be approved before 2030?

Crossrail 2 was a proposed railway project that aimed to connect various areas in London and the surrounding region, providing an essential transport link for commuters and residents. The project would have involved the construction of a new tunnel through London, linking stations in the north and south of the city. However, in 2020, the UK government announced the cancellation of the Crossrail 2 project due to concerns over its high cost, which was estimated to be around £40bn. The decision to cancel the project has been met with criticism, with many arguing that Crossrail 2 was necessary to address London's growing transport needs and support economic growth in the region. The cancellation has left many uncertain about how to address the issue of overcrowding on the city's transport network and has raised questions about the future of infrastructure investment in the capital. Despite the cancellation, some local leaders continue to call for the project's revival, arguing that it remains essential to the future of London's economy and transportation network.


'Approved' here means that the UK Parliament passed a bill similar to Crossrail Act 2008.

If a line is approved which broadly runs on the planned route of Crossrail 2 but does not use the name, this will resolve to YES.

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