Will the UK HS2 rail line between London and Birmingham be operational before 2031?

HS2 (Phase 1) is a new high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The HS2 website claims "Phase One will open between 2029 and 2033."

This question resolves positively if the following conditions are sustained for any month before 1st January 2031.

- Trains travel on the HS2 line between London Euston and Birmingham Cuzon Street.

- ≥ 30 trains travel in the month

- No changes are needed

- Trains take less than 1hr

- Use the currently under-construction HS2 line (not the existing line)

- A member of the public can purchase a ticket and travel on these trains between London Euston and Birmingham Curzon Street

Birmingham Curzon Street can be replaced with Birmingham New Street (not Birmingham International).

London Euston with London Paddington, Kings Cross, or any other station within zone 1 of the tube network (Old Oak Common does not count).

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