Who will be #1 in Masters League for any amount of time in the first half of 2024?
Jul 2
Marcus and Chris have been #1 so far in January, so they resolve yes immediately: [image][image]
[image]resolves YES 🎊
@AmmonLam (After Season 12)

They don't have to win the season, they just have to appear in the #1 spot and have a screenshot posted in the comments here.

After someone's name resolves yes, they can be added again after the current season ends.

Feel free to add someone even if they aren't in masters currently, but please don't add anyone just to bet them down and profit from your own liquidity.

Edit on Shenanigans:

Moving a market's price where you have a large position in order to get ahead in leagues has always been allowed, and so would also count here. Buying up shares that someone else sold indiscriminately like the Mira incident would also count, as long as I don't think it was a deliberate profit transfer to a specific person.

Most other shenanigans wouldn't count though. Getting a bunch of league points from a market that should be unranked before it is unranked wouldn't count. Likewise, I wouldn't count if someone got to #1 just by betting on a market that is designed to N/A. I also won't count any glitches.

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Did I miss Kevin being #1? No one seems to have posted a screenshot.

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@Joshua yup kevin was #1 for a while after the F1 race. he posted the screenshot here https://manifold.markets/market/who-will-win-masters-division-in-se?tab=comments#ckpzzt09kr

resolves YES

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@shankypanky i was quite confused by this (i was way behind NFL and didn't have much plans for trading in the next week) but i see they yanked the creator bonuses, hence the big shake up. R.I.P.

(first time #1... but not like this...)

omg i won! i didnt even know

they restarted leagues crazy fast this time for some reason so if anyone wants to surge into 1st place, wouldn't be too hard!

@Ziddletwix hahahahah

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@Tumbles quick do a coin flip!

@Joshua but I lose those literally every time historically! 😭

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@Tumbles that means you're due for a win!

@Tumbles live basketball right now, i'm very poor and need fees ty ❤

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@Joshua Oh man you bet this up. On your own market too!

pretty close but i gotta go sleep… tomorrow i slay??

@KeenenW Band the comp

Win leeeeeeeeeggggssss

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Resolves YES @Joshua

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@mattyb Resolves NO - @Joshua is no longer participating in leagues.

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@TimothyJohnson5c16 maybe he'll miss us and come back between now and July 🙃

lol oops misread which question this was

@Ziddletwix Aren't these ones unlinked though? Some of the answers have already resolved.

@TimothyJohnson5c16 Yup assumed this was the market about s11 oops. But yeah it’s too early to resolve NO, we don’t know if Joshua will change his mind or his staff position in the next few months

@Ziddletwix I see, that's fair. I was a little too aggressive bidding this down to 0.1%. 🤣

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