Will Taiwan surpass the USA in GDP (PPP) per capita before 2035 if it isn't invaded by China?

Source is IMF. 2023 values are 73.34k for Taiwan and 80.03 for USA. Resolves N/A if China invades Taiwan:

I think this is very likely based on the indicators of economic freedom and IQ, the rate of recent development, and the AI-induced boom in semiconductors.

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@RobertCousineau yet another non-epistemic no limit order. I do not like the new limit order UI/buttons.

I see this is N/A if china invades Taiwan. How fast will the N/A Happen? What if they invade and we quickly realize it won't be that bad for Taiwan and they still surpasses the USA? This still resolves N/A?

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@KeenenWatts this resolves N/A when the other linked market resolves YES